What are the Benefits of Using Silicone Rubber Keypads?

Silicone rubber keypads are used widely in both industrial and consumer electronic products as a cost-effective and reliable switching solution. Some common applications of low-cost Silicone rubber keypads include video and HIFI units, remote controls for TV, electronic games and toys, and industrial control equipment.

Silicone rubber keypad solutions combine outstanding touch, consistency and long life in the harsh environments. Rubber keypads are used in all types of industries and can be found in point of sale terminals and households, and are in-demand in the automotive and medical industries.

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Benefits of Using Rubber Keypads

Inexpensive: Silicone keypads are relatively cost-effective on a per piece basis, but need fairly costly tooling, usually making them a design choice for complex projects.

Resistant to extreme temperatures and aging: Rubber keypads have exceptional outdoor weather ability. Also, silicone rubber keypads have excellent resistant to moisture and chemicals.

Design Flexibility: Rubber keypads offer a myriad of aesthetic and cosmetic options as well as tactile feedback customization.

• Can utilize non-conductive rubber actuators, stainless steel tactile domes, or carbon pills
• Unusual keypad sizes and shapes can be used, as well as dissimilar rubber durometers (hardness)
• Different colors can be achieved by flow molding the color into the compression molding process
• Rubber keypad switches can be spray coated with polyurethane for improved durability
• Rubber keypad graphics can be more customized by screen printing the keypad top surface
• Rubber keypads can be resistant to dust, gases, and liquids by using innovative designs such as a wrap-around design
• Back Lighting Flexibility: Rubber keypads can be backlit using EL lighting, ED’s, and fiber optic lamps. Laser-design the rubber keypad can increase the effects of back lighting. The use of light pipes in the single keypads is also a way to modify back lighting and preventing light scatter.

So, you must be aware of the benefits of using silicone rubber keypads, it’s time to search the best rubber keypad manufacturer. Now, we will discuss some tips for evaluating the silicone rubber keypad manufacturers.

Evaluate the manufacturer’s profile-Before you buy rubber keypads, it is crucial to check the manufacturer’s profile. Check the company’s marketing strategies, FAQ’s, and core values. Reviewing the manufacturer’s business history is always a better way to decide whether the manufacturer offers best products and put the needs of the customer first.

The Quality of the products- Some manufacturer will offer cheaply priced products, but the quality of how the products works is being compromised. So, it’s imperative to investigate the quality of the product before deciding to buy rubber keypads online.

Sourcing rubber keypad manufacturers is a daunting process, and for many, a new experience. Hope, the above-mentioned tips will help you to choose the best keypad manufacturer online. For best Custom Silicone Rubber Keypads or Low-Cost Rubber Keypads, visit http://www.camgraphics.com/ now!