Case Study: Converting Desktop Traffic to Mobile App Downloads

Mobile and Desktop User Flow

So how do we convert desktop traffic to mobile?

  • A missed conversion opportunity, especially for users who didn’t type exact-match keywords.
    “Let me show you why you should download this game!”
  • By redirecting, we also miss out on using a tracking link to properly attribute that download to desktop traffic.

Side Note: Badges are Informational

VWO Gummy Drop! click heatmap

Play Now! (We mean it!)

  1. Click on Play Now! CTA
  2. Enter phone number
  3. Click on the link received via SMS
  4. Download the game from the store
Gummy Drop! Play Now! modal
Virtually painless!





Web / UX / Visual Designer •

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Cam Heitkemper

Cam Heitkemper

Web / UX / Visual Designer •

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