A DIY-guide to save the COP?

As a parisian, much has happened in the last days and weeks — they seem more like months. And this is only the beginning…

There have already been many consequences, there will be more to come. I could elaborate on how the Paris attacks are being used to justify agendas that had nothing to do with the attacks, as The Guardian explains. Or mention security and the by-passing of the justice system (in french), talk about Europe’s response to the refugees, or France’s participation in global warfare. But I will stick to COP21.

Here in Paris, every day we hear of COP-related events being cancelled, others are modifying their programme, another word for reducing them. From an initial global event of inclusion and participation and expression by all, it has now become a reduced event, led by official partners. The main location - le Bourget - who includes a space open to the public, is hardly being communicated on. Even in the weekend, we are not expecting this space to be very much visited…

Now, allow me to offer a light of hope, of optimism. We may not be able to undo what is happening now. Nor can we impose the US or other large organisations to sign the treatise that have taken years to prepare. So, as Michael Jackson sang: “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change”.

So let’s start with ourselves. But how? For this exact motivation, Gunter Pauli went to writing his Fables. Fables conveying stories of things real, innovations already taking place, but which we know not (yet). They invite the reader to discover about things that are possible which we could not imagine (some call this dreaming).

Here in Paris, a book recently came out: “Les Fables de Gunter — Gunter’s Fables”. A book that tells 5 innovations in 5 fables. A book written in english and french. A book printed on the revolutionary and unimaginable stone-paper. A book to inspire and to convey that: yes, things are possible.

This book is a small and special edition. The purpose of this book is to inspire. My intention is for this book to generate an exchange thoughts and reflexions, discussions that may lead to actions.

So for all that the COP will not be able to achieve, the opportunity is within each of us, with optimism, curiosity and discovery, to be the change we want to see in this world…

For more information, visit : http://boutique.lesfablesdegunter.fr/