10 Easy Tips to Practice and Improve Your English

This is how I became fluent using English in real life

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1. Learn a song every week

Read and understand the lyrics of your favorite songs. Sing as many times as you need until you have learned all the words.

You’ll be surprised at how fast you will learn vocabulary

2. Change the language settings of your apps

Use Netflix, Spotify, calendar, email? Turn them to English and get used to new words without even noticing.

3. Watch short videos

From TED talks, movie trailers/previews, youtube videos to your favorite series. Get familiar with the stress pattern and accent.

When improving your listening, don’t take advantage of subtitles — unless you’re practicing reading

4. Check on memes and inspirational quotes

You find memes silly and thoughts of the day get to your nerves? They could easily add new phrases to your vocabulary.

We memorize silly and funny faster

5. Search

When you need a new recipe for dinner.

When you want to learn new ways to lace shoes.

When trying to find out what year flip flop was invented.

When booking a flight online.

Why not in English?

6. Read the news

Include reading a piece of news in your area of interest every day (Google News, CNN, Fox News, NBC, USA Today, SF Gate, Bloomberg, Yoga Journal, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc — you choose it).

Pick a topic that is relevant to you and enjoy

7. Write lists

When you need to jot down ideas or write a shopping list, to do list, Wish list for New Year.

8. Stick notes

Write phrases you want to learn on Post-it notes and stick them around you working station and your house. For example: “I’m not hungry right now” on the fridge, “Have a good night sleep, sweetheart” at your bedside table, “Dentists recommend flossing and brushing daily” at the bathroom.

Also, label things in your house, such as fan, window, mirror etc. Sounds crazy and it’s effective.

9. Think in English

When you’re you waiting in line at the bank/ waiting for the bus/ waiting at the doctor’s office.

When you’re organizing ideas in your head.

When you’re running on a treadmill or working out.

Take advantage of the conversations you have with yourself. Review the vocabulary you already know. Nobody will judge your English level

10. Learn new words

Look up words you have seen and heard (thefreedictionary.com, urbandictionary.com, google translator).

Learn the correct pronunciation and find examples of usage in real life. (Just google it. Also click on Images and News).

Read the back of product labels. Sometimes there are instructions in English as well.

Trust yourself. Take it easy. The purpose is to communicate, not to have a perfect English.

Got any other ideas? Share please.

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