Stop saying you will pray for Syria

Before you get offended, I have nothing against religious people. I am, in fact, jealous of those who believe in and worship a superhuman controlling power. I suppose I do believe in the universe as a higher power, but the god or gods part really throws me off. That said, this is not about religion at all.

This is about Syria and the shitty job the world and all of us have been doing to help. I find it very upsetting when I hear people saying “I’m praying for Syria”. Praying is the kinda response that will make you (yes, you) feel good about contributing and being thoughtful but fundamentally does nothing to help the ones in need. The good intention behind it is important and should be acknowledged. Some may simply believe in the power of prayers. Others may feel powerless and unable to think of anything else that can be done. The sad truth is: prayers aren’t enough and certainly are not saving lives in Aleppo.

There is actually a super easy alternative for those who indeed are trying to help but don’t quite know how. All you need is a credit card. I even did some of the homework for you and got a list of places that will happily take your money and do whatever it takes to save lives. Whenever you are ready:

If you feel like you are pressed for cash, here are some suggestions:

  • roll up the amount of all your purchases you make for a week, keep the change and donate whatever the sum is
  • break that piggy bank you didn’t even know you still had
  • have one less pint next time you go out for drinks
  • check what you have in all your pockets, car and purses — whatever you find, since you had no idea you had it, donate
  • skip 3 Starbucks
  • take advantage of the power of collectiveness: go around collecting $1 from all the people you know so you can make a group donation
  • start a new challenge, like the mannequin or bucket ones. The difference is: nobody does the task, whatever that may be, everybody just donates

You get the idea. Today was brutal over there and I’m sure tomorrow won’t be different. We can actually make an impact if we all take action. There is an army of super humans out there ultra qualified to do the hardest jobs needed right now. All we need to do, out of the comfort of our beautiful homes, is to support and enable them. Let’s all get on board!


And so we are clear… If you do any of the helpful stuff, you can feel guilty, ashamed, disgusted and pray at will. Like, as much as you want — unlimited.