5 little words saved my very weird day.

There is profound magic to be found when you don’t mind getting dirty and going inside all of your shadows.

Dirty, magical feet from Unsplash

Full of unknowness, I watched as my mind churned inside of itself trying to concoct perfect plans, the right next steps and the ideal outcomes of each situation that was unfurling…

I quietly observed as it anxiously sped; looking for multiple solutions until it gave up completely, feeling tired and depleted. As if it had tiny mind-hands which it put up and said “ok, i give up trying to control it all!”.

When it finally did, I heard a whisper coming from my heart:

“Allow yourself to be guided” — quoting my lovely intuition here.

It struck me.

It was sudden and gentle, yes. But it reverberated through every single one of my cells; through every tiny inch of my body.

And it reminded me once more of my big why to doing the work I do. It reminded me of the power of intuition, and of being in close contact with your Soul.

It only took me one moment of stillness, of surrendering — summed up, of course, with over 6 years (who’s counting?) of inner work — to have so many realizations from only 5 words.

From only 5 little words, everything sunk in: the deep knowing that I am being guided, along with the understanding that my mind is again trying to control way too much, plus the feeling of immense support.

I got all of that from 5 lil’ words.

And guess what?

You also have this power. This magic inside of you which you also can overflow it into your life.

All it takes is a moment of stillness and devotion to this inner work of wanting to realign with your complete, worthy, authentic, intuitive, highest, Soul-self.

Who wants in?



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