7 ideas to host a school farewell party

Meeting and separation are two ways of life. We meet strangers in the crossroads of life who eventually become our friends. School is one of those places where we make friends, some of which remain our life long companions. School days are always fun-filled and etched as the best phase of our life. And when the farewell bell rings, we only experience a terrible feeling, of departure and pain. Before the final goodbye, how about arranging a farewell party? How about creating a moment to say thanks for all the fish and wish each other a very good luck for the life ahead? If your school days are coming to an end, and you have no idea as to how to bring about a memorable and grand ending, this is what you should try out.

1. Decide on the numbers

Figure out whether you are going to include the whole of the passing out batch or just a few close friends. Count the head; write down the numbers, you will need this for all kinds of estimation about food and gifts. Ask people to confirm beforehand so that there’s so fuss in later arrangements.

2. Choose a leader

If everyone wants to indulge into everything, it might turn out to be a messy affair. Vote among yourselves or pick up chits to nominate a leader. If there are large number of students, increase the number of leaders. Let them divide the responsibilities among each one of you. While some can be appointed to take care of the decorations, others can think about the food and gifts. Make sure you choose an efficient leader and listen to what he/she asks you to.

3. Throw a theme

A theme party is always a great thing to go for. You can throw some popular themes, for example Harry Potter or The Mad Hater’s Tea Party. You can also choose any text from your literature area and dress up as one of your favourite characters. Try to decorate the room/hall in keeping with the theme. Make it a combination of happiness and sorrow, something that actually suits the occasion.

4. Songs and music

Arrange for some soft music to play on when your classmates enter the hall. Let there be some tone of nostalgia and remembrance of things past. You can try out some classical music, may be by Schubert or Schumann or Bach and Beethoven. While the whole ambience will be filled with such melody, you can hug your friends and whisper a small ‘Thank you’ for all these days. However, you can’t end the party on a gloomy note. Get a good stock of rock music too along with a perfect DJ.

5. Perform

Ask your friends if they want to perform something. It can be a self-written poem, few words of recollecting the past days and so on. Let there be someone who will take down the names for participation and arrange necessary equipments. One can also put up a dance or stage a short play. Don’t drag it for too long. You might run out the risk of boring your audience.

6. Yummy food!

What is a party without delicious foods and drinks? Since you are funding yourselves, you can’t afford to be very expensive. If you have got other funds, then surely you can spend it well. Stick to a kind of dish that is popular among the crowd. Take as many opinions as possible. Make sure the food is fresh, healthy and of course tasty!

7. Go click!

When you’re already busy in creating so many memories at the last hour, it is necessary that you frame them for your future days. Yes, you need to click a lot of photos! Also keep the bad ones. They will make you laugh in the long run and make you miss your friends even more. To make things more funny and interesting, you can visit mirror photo booths. It’s a newer technological method where you can have magic mirror images and includes various other forms of innovative styles that you ask them for.

At the end of the day, you will feel like you have lived your best moment. You will frame the pictures in the best manner possible and keep on your reading table. Looking back, you will only cry happy tears!

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