Several throwbacks are spawned by the spontaneous growth in digital photography but visiting an old photo booth school is more delightful and now popularly known as vintage booth. These vintage booths nowadays are raising their heads here and there. There are tremendously in use at parties, events, boozy gardens etc. but the problem is that the people don’t have the idea of the difference between the digital counterpart and the vintage one. So below here some ideas are given to make you knowledgeable in this field.


· The photo booth used in classical style is not a digital machine. Here computer and printer are not used. In this process the photos are produced by the process of liquidifying and developing strips of 4 sets of photos and that’s also in 4 different poses.

· It should be predetermined whether the photos will be colorful or black and white as the photos are developed using liquidized chemicals.

· Photo booths with colored background usually have the option of red or blue or white background.

· On the other hand photo booths of black and white scale have the option of grey scale background. Usually more contrast can be seen in grey scale background. You might want to contact a vintage photo booth provider in this regard.

· Here in this classic system up to 7 pictures can be captured every 25–30 seconds and that also by new people.

· 40mm film is produced in classic photo booth. However, not all service providers can offer you this.

· Here in this photo booth logo can be inserted of at least 32 characters can be inserted between the photos so if you wish you can add that, place etc. to the photo.

· As the machine that is used in classic photo booth was also in use for more that 6o years ago hence there is no chance of the duplicate photos. One thing you can do is that you can make your guests sit and take their two photos so that you can keep one with yourself and other you can give to your guest.


· Dye-sublimation printer is used in the process of digital photo booth printing. It also gives you the option of colored pictures as well as black and white pictures. The choice is yours totally. For more details you can gather knowledge about digital photo booth.

· In this case predetermination of the color is not needed as it allows your guest to select the color scale according to their taste.

· White background is seen in digital photo booths. For creating a graphic or pattern to the background you can customize it.

· Photo booths with black or white scale have an option of creating a grey scale or white background. Usually grey scale is suggested as the contrast is seen prominently here.

· Here only one photo can be clicked at one time. You can get the duplicate from the previously clicked photos. In simpler way two snaps can be received every time a person clicks the snap. Within 30 seconds a new snap can be clicked depending upon how quickly your guests can change their mode.

· Here photos are developed in glossy papers more that the matt papers like the classic photo booths.

· Here also you can insert logo in the photo but in the fourth one and can add any type of graphics like name, phrase or place etc.

· In this style duplicate snaps can be taken automatically.

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