How Agile Analog plans to revolutionise the design of analog semiconductors

I am thrilled to announce firstminute Capital’s investment in Agile Analog’s $5m round which we co-led with Delin Capital alongside MMC Ventures.

Agile Analog is revolutionising the way modern digital technologies like AI, ML and Crypto talk to the real world by building a new approach to the development of analog components in silicon chips.

The Agile Analog team in Cambridge

It is a fact of life that the digital world has to ultimately interface with the real world, and the real world is analog. As such, most chips and Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) have to incorporate analog elements. Currently these circuits are produced in the same way they were 50 years ago; most often by in-house teams or small specialist companies providing manual solutions that are both time and resource consuming.

Agile Analog is changing this process, allowing customers to provide an electronic specification, and, through rules based AI running on AWS cloud compute, Agile Analog generates, tests, validates, and packages the specific components.

By automating the design and the delivery of these circuits, Agile Analog has the potential to disrupt and transform the industry from a labor-intensive, manual and costly process to a quicker, more accurate and cheaper one. With its proprietary technology, Agile Analog is able to deliver i) bespoke solution quickly and when needed, ii) exact matches to requirements with consequent lower product cost and improved power consumption, iii) analog circuits for quicker and new processes, iv) a one-stop-shop by removing the need for SoC designers to engage with many small and often unreliable providers, and v) all of the aforementioned at lower cost and much higher quality.

Predominantly made up of ex-ARM domain experts and division heads, the Agile Analog team is backed by industry veterans with deep technical expertise and a strong network. CEO Tim Ramsdale led 500-person engineering teams at Broadcom and later at Arm, has designed and integrated analog components, and yet still remains a hands-on engineering leader. Mike Hulse, CTO, has 30 years of experience in the analog and design automation. And Pete Hutton, their Chairman, has run a $1.6bn business at Arm, delivering digital IP to all of the top semiconductor companies.

Agile Analog is uniquely positioned to address and disrupt the long-standing unaddressed needs and trends of the semiconductor analog market.

Investor at firstminute Capital

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