Travel Blogging from a College Student — First European Adventure

I came home from a two week trip to Europe three days ago. My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary by saving up our money all year and backpacking on a budget. We traveled to Amsterdam for 4 days, then to Ireland for 10, splitting our time between three cities: Dublin, Galway, and Cork. I wrote all my experiences down in a journal for future memories, but also have decided to blog a bit about it to show off the beauty of the places I’ve traveled to, hoping others will find some cool places to go to through my posts. We also did most of our trip on a budget, so hopefully this can help some of you financially as well!

This is the aforementioned journal! It was a gift from Beck’s (my boyfriend) mother’s best friend, a kind woman named Kathy. I think I filled up about 60 pages. Writing in a journal was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Although we took hundreds of photos, this journal can help me remember the specifics of our trip later on as years pass, almost as if I’m back there. It tells of our triumphs and tribulations on our very first backpacking trip, and I can now use all the notes I wrote in cafés and hostels as my own form of storytelling. I can’t wait to fill this thing up with many more trips, making it’s pages alive with adventure and love.

Stay tuned for the post about our first day of the trip!