The Ultimate Dream Wedding Checklist

Camilla Boniek
3 min readSep 5, 2022

You have just got engaged and planning a Dream wedding? You will need an Ultimate Dream wedding checklist to plan a wedding, just as you would require one for organising any other occasion in your life such as a work project, a college farewell party, a birthday, or some other event.

Wedding planning may become emotionally draining. No matter how much time you have, you can still run out of it. Each wedding is unique, though. A Dream wedding should be planned for 12 to 14 months.

The Ultimate Dream Wedding Checklist

Here are a few suggestions for a wedding checklist if you want to arrange your wedding efficiently and smoothly.

After You’ve Engaged, Now Start Your Dream Wedding Planning

Picking A Wedding Date

Congratulations on getting engaged! You must now choose the year, month, and day on which you will ultimately make things official by getting married. It may sound trivial, but to be honest, picking up date is the most crucial one on the list.

You can share the date once you’ve decided on it so that the rest of the planning can be managed accordingly.

Determine Your Budget

Couples frequently hesitate to speak about this matter, but you must do so right away. Without a set spending limit, your wedding costs could soon spiral out of hand.

You don’t want it to happen. Looking at vendors or locations that are outside of your realistic spending range can result in a lot of lost time and disappointment.

Start instead with a precise number, prioritize the necessities and the options by determining what you can and cannot afford.

Guest List

It’s not necessary to completely limit your guest list at this time, deciding on a ballpark figure will be useful. Finding the ideal venue will be easier once you are aware of the expected number of guests.

Additionally, it can help you estimate your costs more accurately. The number of guests has one of the biggest effects on the budget, thus the quickest approach to decrease costs is to keep your guest list concise!

Wedding Venue

It’s time to confirm your Dream Wedding venue booking now that your church or registrar has been reserved. Pay the venue deposit and start Getting excited for your big day!

Choose Your Wedding Theme

It’s time to choose a theme and colour scheme for your Dream Wedding! This is such a creative task during the wedding planning process that you can have so much fun with it.

Your wedding’s theme should reflect you two as a couple and might range from festival or nautical to rustic or travel-related.

To organise all of your ideas, we advise making a mood board and bookmarking anything you come across on Instagram or Pinterest that inspires you.

Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Can Be a Joyous

Experience with the right Wedding Planner

According to statistics, one of the most demanding experiences for a couple is organising a wedding. It is not required to be that way, though. The process of arranging your wedding should be enjoyable and exciting as you count down to your big day.

If you use the correct wedding checklist and stay organised, you can enjoy that experience. The difference between feeling calm at the moment and feeling worried and overwhelmed is all in how proactive and structured you are.

This is merely a brief excerpt from the wedding Checklist. Get the whole printable Dream wedding checklist that is included with my Checklist.

It’ll enable you to completely appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t allow the months spent arranging your wedding to be wasted on worry and stress. Grab your Dream wedding Checklist and cherish each second.



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