Sensation (after David Eagleman)

When you die you are reborn as yourself, but with a set of five new senses. Gone are the taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing of your last life. You now perceive the world in an entirely new set of ways. Your body is largely the same as it was last time around, but you have five new organs associated with your new senses.

Your skin is covered with small hexagonal tiles that absorb colour and transmit meaning into your brain. These tiles shimmer in the light you can no longer see.

On your face is a funnel that swallows particles from the air as you walk. These particles connect directly with your neurotransmitters, giving you a set of mostly enjoyable sensations providing that the people around you are happy. If not, your experience is cloying and makes you nauseous.

Your knees are covered with two sponge-like organs that absorb any liquid they come into contact with. This liquid travels through your veins and dictates how healthy you are. Organic kneeling centres have been set up across the land, but only the rich can afford access to them.

Around your neck is a ruff made up of flaps of skin in concentric circles. These flaps respond to radio waves and send pulses to your adrenal glands depending on the frequency they are picking up. Your adrenaline levels are therefore directly linked to the transmissions around you, something of which the government has yet to take advantage.

Your hair is now able to detect other people’s thoughts. Those with long hair have greater capabilities and take jobs as psychoanalysts. You shave your head.