A lot of people are afraid to make changes in their lives because it will take them out of their comfort zone. But if there is one thing that I am sure of: change is necessary; all the time. Why? For several reason: either because your values and beliefs about a certain topic have changed, because life has presented you with new opportunities, because you have lost your job, or someone special, or just because it is time to reevaluate your priorities because they don’t make sense anymore!

I have several friends who have always told me that they would never have kids, and most of them do nowadays have children. I might be one of the few (1 or 2) that stuck to this predicament. So, what makes someone who had the conviction that she would never have children to want to be a mother? Her priorities!

What makes a mother of four want to have a career once again? Her children have left their home, her job as a mom is done, and now she needs to find something that will fulfill her once more. So she starts looking for courses, reconnects with people from her network, and works on her new priority.

Before I had cancer in 2012 my life was all about me, my dog, and my career. After my recovery I realized that my profession wasn’t as important anymore because it didn’t take care of me when I got sick; it didn’t provide me with an income because I had to stop working. My priority became to connect to people on a deeper level, and focus less on my career. When I shifted my priorities I met my husband, and our relationship became my priority. I changed my entire life for him. People called me crazy, but the truth is that it is crazy not to change, not to reevaluate your priorities from time to time, because the only certainty in life is the fact that everything changes all the time. According to Buddhism, “the only permament in life is impermanence”.