Camilla Glenn — Circulating OR Nurse in Lubbock, TX

Camilla Glenn is a circulating Operating Room nurse working at University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX. She has over ten years as a nurse in a variety of medical and healthcare settings. Glenn loves her work as an OR nurse and hopes to start working as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) very soon. She earned her license as an FNP in 2015 and her Master’s degree in Nursing. Glenn rightly sees her role in the healthcare system of her local community as integral to the care and proper treatment of all patients.

Camilla Glenn has worked as a circulating OR Nurse in Lubbock, TX since 2009. OR nurses are key medical personnel during all surgical procedures on all patients. Perioperative nurses, as they’re sometimes called, provide care and expertise to all patients before, during, and after surgery. There are several types of OR nurses in most hospitals. Patient educators explain the reasoning of the surgical procedure before the patient goes under to help them be more at ease with the procedure. Circulating nurses, like the role that Camilla Glenn plays at University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX, work in the operating suite with the surgeons and other nurses, but not within the sterile area. Scrub OR nurses prepare and handle surgical instruments within the sterile field. All operating nurses work in every kind of healthcare facility, including hospitals, ambulatory, outpatient surgery centers, and hospitals.

Camilla Glenn Lubbock TX

Camilla Glenn Lubbock TX has helped the Lubbock, TX medical community immensely during her seven years as an OR nurse.