Camilla Glenn of Lubbock, TX — Advice For Making It Through Nurse Practitioner’s School

Camilla Glenn received her Family Nurse Practitioner Certification in 2015 and currently works as an Operating Room Circulator in Lubbock, TX. Making it through nurse practitioner’s school is no easy feat and you must be prepared if you are to find success. The following pointers should help those who want to get the most out of their time in school.

Camilla Glenn Lubbock TX

Develop Friendships

Your time in school should give you your first taste of how important teamwork is if you are to succeed in nursing. Try to make friends as quickly as possible so that you have a group of trusted fellow students who you can study and work together with on group projects. These people will also act as your support group when you become stressed or tired.

Logging Clinical Hours

It may feel like a fairly pointless endeavor, but it is important that you don’t fall behind in logging your clinical hours. If you procrastinate you will find it hard to catch up and keep accurate records. Furthermore, this time can also be used as a learning experience as you will be able to gain a better understanding of billing and diagnosis codes, which will help enormously when you start your career.

Stay Healthy

With so much work, and the stress that it brings, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. Eat well and try to stay physically fit so you can approach your work with more energy. Take time for yourself when needed and sleep as often as possible.

Camilla Glenn is an experienced nurse in Lubbock, TX.