Camilla Glenn of Lubbock, TX, Uses Essential Oils

Nurse Camilla Glenn of Lubbock, TX, has learned about the many uses of essential oils in holistic medicine. She finds this realm of alternative healing fascinating and likes to incorporate her knowledge into her traditional medical practices. The following are some of the most common essential oils and their uses.

Camilla Glenn Lubbock TX
  • Neroli, the fragrance and oil that is distilled from the orange blossom, has been used by healers since the time of Ancient Egyptians. This extract is commonly prescribed for insomnia, depression, the healing of scars, shock, stress, and frigidity.
  • Cassia is a bark which is similar to cinnamon. It is very pungent and must be greatly diluted after distillation. Cassia is used to treat indigestion, colic, rheumatism, gas, and the common cold or flu. Cassia is also commonly used as a fragrance because of its woodsy smell.
  • Rosewood is an essential oil that is so popular it is actually endangered in this day and age. The fruity and earthy aroma of the oil is known to be included in many fragrances. For medical purposes, Rosewood is used to treat acne, dry skin, common colds, headache, stress, and fever. Consumers seeking Rosewood should locate a provider that has taken the appropriate steps to not decimate the plant’s remaining population.
  • Sandalwood is one of the most popular essential oils for all who follow the healing powers of oils, such as Camilla Glenn of Lubbock, TX. This essential oil can treat everything from chapped skin to stretch marks.