As I have been reading different medium posts I have noticed many different styles, and because of this, mine own has become floundered I feel. For instance, I used to use proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, capitalization, and all that jazz, but now, I have noticed that i am missing capitalization occasionally, and i don’t go back and change it. this bothers me greatly bc im not sure that this my style. also, it is very much unlike me to use text abbreviations in anything other than texts, but i find that i have been using them an awful lot in these articles. Because my mind is in turmoil and I cannot pick a side, my writings contain some capital Is, and some lower case is, which probably looks so bad.

Another thing about my style that is confusing me is that I never used to ramble in my writings. I ramble all the time when im speaking, i am that person that can talk forever (around the right people lol), but i have never been that way in my writing. i always use structure and I plan out what i am going to say. but now I ramble when I right! how weird is that??

I love how when I read some people’s writings I can hear their voice so well. One example would be my gramps. He sends out a weekly email talking about his and my granny’s week, and I can hear him saying it all so well. I believe it is his word choice and the way he words things (diction and syntax i guess). You know the poem the jabberwocky? well, he LOvEs that poem, as do most of the members of my family (including me) because of it. Gramps likes to use willy nilly words, but also he uses words that most people don’t use that much. In his last email I had to look up what a missive was, and bonafide. He also uses words like “we’re fixin to” and stuff that reminds me he lived in texas like “Y’all” haha.

I feel like I get some style from him, but not much, tho I do sound like him and my other cousins when I am talking sometimes. I love when we have reunions and we all say things the same way and use the same phrases (that our parents use), its always a blast.

I hope that by the time im done using medium my style will develop slightly.