As someone who is constantly online and surrounded by discussion, it’s hard not to notice conflict arise between people on a regular basis.

So many times I have felt my blood pressure rise because someone said something that I strongly disagreed with. So many times I have wanted to react in anger and belittle someone for their apparent ignorance or rudeness. So many times I have felt serious anxiety because I anticipated personal attacks for stating a differing viewpoint. So many times, also, I was scared to say anything, because I might be wrong.

I want to try and change this — not just in myself, but in others too. I believe that we can all communicate with each other respectfully, and even more effectively too, regardless of differing opinions. …

Many industries that exist today are in a constant state of evolution. As the world changes and advances, those of us who work in these fields will inevitably reflect this growth in our own skills, learning these new skills and adapting. But when it comes to self assessment and self promotion, how can we practically judge said growth?

This article could apply to many fields, but for the sake of simplicity I will keep my examples related to game development.

One does not simply measure skills


Camille Woodthorpe

VR/AR | Geek | Boxing and Krav Maga student

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