She looked at me and said, “I don’t feel much of anything right now

and I’m gonna tell you the truth because that’s what he’d want me to do

Feels like I’m running under water and I can’t keep up

I can’t look at you and say it’s all gonna be okay”

She didn’t know her word’s would stick,

and frankly neither did I, Didn’t really hear them then or know how to make things right

but I hear her now

the second doors’ closing

she’s coming or going, and I recognize the sound of her sigh

I’m at the top of the stairs, and I wish the words would come to me

To tell her i’m with her, to tell her we’re fine

but she’s always coming or going

trying to keep up

moving so fast, I can’t catch the words to say

that I hear her now

Moma, I hear you now.

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