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wow, what a great conversation. Thank you very much for such honesty and insight, i feel men and women don’t often get to honestly expose their inner workings. But I do have a question, it feels in your answer that men get to behave any way they want, because they need affection or self-esteem… and it’s the woman who has to give her body for that. Self-esteem- to me- you find in yourself, no one can give it to you. Also your answer gives the feeling that as a woman you just have to endure the man’s behavior, whatever it is.

I totally agree that NO ONE should expose intimate things about someone else. That is 100% correct. But i think women expect men at some point to stop being children, and to find within themselves the strength to attain their potential. Of course being loved and encouraged is important, but maybe you haven’t encountered those men to whom women give everything they can , and get nothing in return. Your girlfriend/wife/Partner, however much she loves you, and sacrifices her comfort, and her needs, and her time and energy for you, is not your mom. At some point it’s make it or break it.

Now I understand your answer served to clarify why Christiana got so much hateful messages, and i think you did that admirably, explaining men’s take on this issue. But I feel their take is very … needy. Maybe as you put it, men and women don’t have the same needs, and so i judge their needs as less important than mine, which in truth would be unfair.

Also i didn’t write to add insult to injury, but because I felt this conversation was a good thing.

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