Je suis directrice artistique chez The Family depuis plus de 3 ans maintenant. A l’occasion du lancement des Crocos, la formation dédiée aux designers graphiques, j’aimerais vous partager mon aventure de graphiste qui ne connaissait RIEN aux startups en arrivant là…

Jour 1

Je suis diplômée depuis 1 ans de Penninghen et j’ai travaillé jusque là comme freelance pour une petite agence. Autant dire que je ne connais rien au monde du travail.

J’arrive chez The Family et ne sais rien sur les startups non plus.
J’ai une vision du graphisme assez décomplexée. J’aime m’amuser en créant des images. J’aime la couleur. J’aime…

I want to share with you the working methods we’ve developed over the past few years in The Family’s Swag room. We came up with these methods to increase our efficiency. We also wanted ways to help the entrepreneurs that we work with to better define their visual identity.

Defining that identity is a crucial step that lots of entrepreneurs take for granted. A strong visual identity is what lets us easily identify a brand or product. It’s a universe that shows off the product in a way that boosts the overall experience. …

Hi, I’m Camille and I’ve been working at The Family for two years as a graphic designer. Before that I studied at ESAG-Penninghen and then worked for a year in a creative studio.
I like turquoise and pink, candies and Céline Dion, and I’m gonna reveal a big secret to you… I didn’t know anything about startups when I arrived at The Family!

A startup is a company that hasn’t found its business model yet. It’s still looking for how to best serve its clients. It has to constantly improve its product and push to provide better service and a…

Camille Dubreuil

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