Original Photo by Farrel Nobel on Unsplash. Edited for this article.

Any designer or front-end developer will be all too familiar with the song and dance of working together to transition a pesky Photoshop file into “pixel perfect” code. If you are a front-end dev without a design background, Photoshop can feel as daunting as understanding the difference between stocks and bonds (No? Just me?). Joking aside, this quick guide will give any front-end dev a few tips and tricks to pull the basic necessities (colors, dimensions, spacing, fonts) out of a PSD. You will get the most out of this if you open a PSD and follow along with each…

By 2019, one in five U.S. adults will be wearing technology (eMarketer). But as adoption grows and brands race to connect with potential consumers, there are four success factors they must consider before developing their own wearable tech products. These factors represent a healthy balance of usability and hype: product purpose (what need does it fill?), target audience (who is it for?), brand recognition (do they have enough of it to hang their hat on?) and long-term strategy (what happens after the initial buzz fades?).

To illustrate, let’s examine how two very different brands brought wearable tech products to market…

Camille Marlow

I craft the interaction between people and digital experiences. See some of my work here: https://camillemarlow.com

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