I always seem to wake up before my alarm. Must be a psychological thing. If I’m sober, I typically wake up before 8:30, but if I’m hungover it could be as late as 1 pm. I wear Bri’s ex’s sweatshirt to bed every night and shorts since it is hot as fuck most of the time. Like every other millennial, I lay in bed on my phone to catch myself up with reality. I really wish we had blackout curtains so that I wasn’t woken up so early, but it’s gloomy out today so it’s okay.

The weather app says it’s supposed to storm today which makes me happy. You know you’re a true Californian when you get giddy about rain.

I hate getting out of bed because I’m on the top bunk and because our beds are so old, there is no ladder. It’s made of metal so every time I climb in or out of bed I bang my knee and get a bruise. My dad bought me a tall step stool ladder when I moved in which helps, but it’s unstable so I freak out a little every time I use it. I climb down and say hi to julia.

I pass through The Jungle and everyone is asleep in there. Someone is always sleeping in there. When I get to the bathroom I was my face with this orange colored cleanser that I love. Then I take out my retainer and brush my teeth. I prefer brushing my teeth when no one is in the bathroom because I have a bad gag reflex. Rachel happens to be in the shower and we talk. She invites me to stay in Athens over spring break at a house that we would have all to ourselves. She said it’s ratchet there but I would be basically alone which sounds great to me.

I put on lulu’s and rain boots and my pledge pin. I spray detangler and brush my hair then spray some type of wave enhancer. New lavender deodorant, primer, bb cream, concealer, foundation.

Breakfast is fried chicken and biscuits and I don’t eat it, as usual. Instead I have a bowl of cereal from trader joe’s and almond milk. I sit at one end of the long table and julia sits at the other. It feels very Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We do this sometimes when it’s just us. It feels like we’re a married couple when we do this. I sign myself up for a lunch late plate, not sure of when I’ll be back today. I head to the bus stop, crossing milledge to get to theta chi.

What do I have going today? Accounting then legal studies then French then business stat then an interview then stop at j crew then lunch then chapter then fuzzy’s with the fam and I’ll be missing the bachelor and I wanted to go to the gym today but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. I also am supposed to make up a French quiz from Wednesday but the teacher never got back to me about it. Right now I just feel like watching Harry Potter at Jennifer’s apartment on her projector. I also lost my headphones from Apple so I bought new ones but they don’t stay in my ear which is annoying. And that is my morning up until 9:37 am.

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