The Pint Shop, Emack & Bolio’s, Whole Foods, & Van Leeuwen

“Summer is about ice cream, and ice cream is about who you’re with and where you are.” -Anonymous

  1. The Pint Shop

The first ice cream I had when I moved here was from the Museum of Ice Cream’s Pint Shop which I happened to be at on its opening day. You probably think that going to the opening day of the Museum of Ice Cream’s ice cream store was a strategically planned activity but I actually didn’t know where it was and just ran into it and it was simply a classic case of the world being small. Kind of like when you look up your friend on Find My Friends, and then you go where they are, and you just happen to see them there.

My friends Dylan and Mason accompanied me on this trip. We got in a line and they were like, “Let’s give this line 20 minutes, tops, but we’re not waiting any longer than that” and on the outside I was like “Oh for sure, for sure, not even, 15 minutes max” but in my head, I was like, “I will wait in this line till I die.”

The Pint Shop sells a pint of ice cream for $5 which I think is sadly the going rate for most pints in 2018. They have piñata flavored ice cream which immediately instilled a sense of intrigue in all of us and then I found out it contains animal crackers, which are my second favorite dessert after ice cream, so I made an executive decision that we all had to try it. We were told by the man giving us the sample that the piñata ice cream “is really more about the experience.”

I’m not really sure if we were allowed to try more than one flavor and I don’t like to push my limits when it comes to asking for samples. One thing I have always found difficult is when you sample something wild and you don’t like it, or when you sample 2 wild things and you don’t want either, but then you’ve reached your sample limit so you have no choice but to go with something you know you will like. I believe that 2 is the International Unspoken Sample Maximum but I’m not sure where I’m getting this number so if anyone is aware of an actual law in place for this, let me know.

To give you an example of a sampling scenario ending this way, imagine if you say, “Can I sample the Chocolate Cherry Avocado That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles Mango Matcha Avocado Swirl” because how can you not, and then you have to pretend that you liked it but that you are really more in the mood for a scoop of plain vanilla. What you really want is a middle ground flavor like toasted coconut but you can’t afford to take any more risks. You might say, “Camille, you’re the only person who overthinks like that,” but to that I would argue that you can’t act like you haven’t sampled something at Costco and then told the person you sampled from, “Not bad, not bad, I’ll come back and get it on my way out!” but you’re not coming back around, you dawg. You’re just in it for the thrill. The moral of the story is that we all lie to the people giving away samples. At the end of the day, we are all liars.

Back to the Pint Shop. We talked to an employee named Mint Chip Ty for a long time and he was throwing a lot of facts about vanilla at us but tbh I was so tired that I didn’t really absorb a lot of the information. This could have been a very educational experience had I been ready to learn.

Mason and Dylan both bought the churro flavor and I got vanillionaire which has pieces of waffle cone and in hindsight was a very tame flavor choice given everything that had just transpired. We ate almost a full pint each but then had to sacrifice the end of the pints due to lack of freezers on our commutes. When you are faced with the inevitable fact that you are going to have to throw away some of your ice cream you end up realizing you can eat a lot more of a pint than you ever thought imaginable aka the entire pint.

2. Emack & Bolio’s

I wasn’t planning to get ice cream on this particular night but then my friend Ben said, “Do you want to get ice cream?” and I couldn’t LIE to Ben. So Ben and his brother Adam and I walked to Emack & Bolio’s on the Upper East Side.

When we walked in I saw specialty cones in a case and I was like “Oh, I guess we have to get specialty cones because they went to the trouble of making them” so it was really kind of a respect thing. I saw some cones with cereal on them. I saw some pretzel cones. I was trying to get a glimpse of all the cones but then it was My Time so I had to order quickly. I don’t remember the name of the flavor I got because I was focused primarily on the cone. I got a chocolate chip cookie cone and did not consider cost in my hasty decision making and then I was hit with quite a bill of $8 for one scoop so I am guessing this speciality cone was no ordinary specialty cone.

Adam’s ice cream scoop fell off the cone onto the ground which was devastating but he went back inside and they immediately gave him a brand new cone, so what I am thinking is that maybe the cost is high for this particular ice cream place because they are factoring in some kind of insurance cost to replace your ice cream in the event of an emergency.

3. Mochi @ Whole Foods

One day Dylan and Ben and I went to Whole Foods for mochi. Dylan and I picked 2 mochi each and then saw that there was a 6 for $10 deal. We wanted Ben to go in on the deal with us so we said, “deal or no deal” and Ben said “no deal.” After a few minutes of trying to get Ben to enter into this financial agreement with us we decided to just stick to 2 each.

I am really into deals and bulk purchases but you can’t really be into those in NYC because 1) you can only buy what you personally can carry home which for me is like 3 items because I’m weak and 2) you can’t be buying your next month’s worth of dessert in advance because you won’t be able to afford your next month’s rent.

When we went to pay for the mochi at the smoothie counter, Ben asked the smoothie makers if he could have any leftover smoothie that they were going to throw away. I was embarrassed to be associated with him after this request so I had to step away from the counter while this went down. But it was actually a big success for Ben and he got a small cup of smoothie scraps for free and described to us in detail what the flavor of a free smoothie tastes like.

4. Van Leeuwen

My friend Emily and I got Van Leeuwen from their truck and this is some of the best stuff you will find and that’s all there really is to say about this experience because I have loved every flavor I have ever tried there.

Van Leeuwen recently announced a contest for 100 free scoops so I am planning to enter this soon. Not sure if this is a voting type of contest but if I am the winner of these scoops, I promise to share them until they run out/melt/fall off the cones.