How to Trick People into Believing You’re a Trust Fund Kid

Calling someone a “Trust Fund Kid” is, most of the time, directed to hurt someone else. I don’t know any real trust fund kids, at least by the intended definition of an adult that doesn’t work at all because they receive their income from their parents. But on the other hand I know many, many people, including myself who have been called a “trust fund kid”. Do you know why?

Because we don’t settle for the mundane, mediocre stuff in our lives (and our Facebook feeds are consequentially epic).

While the “non-trust fund kids” are sleeping in, we are waking up early to hike to the crag, paddle a lake, or set up shuttle for a river and watch the sun rise.

While the “non-trust fund kids” are binging on Netflix episodes over the weekend, we are driving to meet up with groups of awesome people, to network and do our selected outdoor activities (which, by the way, once you invest in the gear for outdoor sports, it’s basically free to do them after that).

Money does make buying gear and traveling a lot easier, but if you’re determined enough and you get out and meet the right people, then money will not get in the way of living that envied “trust fund kid” way of life. Us “trust fund kids” are willing to sacrifice living in luxury by living and sleeping in our cars, skipping out on the restaurants, and embracing the dirt-bagging lifestyle just to do more of the awesome stuff that we love to do.

This blog post was inspired by Caroline Gleich, who is a professional back-country skier. She recently went public about an internet stalker/troll who has been harassing her for the last three years. Check out the news story here.

But joking tones aside, it really is a shame that someone who has worked their butt off has to put up with people who purposely try to discourage them for being able to make a living off of doing something that they love to do. I get that most people would love to be a professional athlete and travel and ski for a living, but the reason why they aren’t a professional athlete is because they weren’t willing to put in the work to make it a reality. It’s like calling a doctor or lawyer a trust fund kid because they had the money to invest in the education required to work in that career. But those careers aren’t as glamorous, so they don’t get trolled as often.

I really admire Caroline Gleich because she is an athlete that works hard and uses her influence to do good in the world. Right now she is inspiring people to stand up against internet harassment, but this is nothing out of the ordinary, as she also does a lot of work to protect the air quality in Utah.

Let’s hear ya’lls advice on how to trick people into believing you’re a trust fund kid! Comment below!

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And remember…

“Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent, leave the house before you find something worth staying in for”. -Banksy

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