Inflatable or Hard SUP?

Paddling in Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida on the inflatable 10'6" Hala Playa.

People message me all the time asking for advice on buying a paddle board, so I figured a blog post series would be helpful for the many people that ask the same questions.

So today’s question I will cover is, “Should I get an inflatable or a hard SUP (stand up paddle board)?”

And the answer is not simple. I love both inflatable and hard boards, it just depends on what I’m using them for. There are also crappy boards that you should avoid if you want to make your financial investment actually worth it.

In a Nut Shell….

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About the Author:

Camille Swan is a professional competitive stand up paddle boarder, SUP instructor, and ACE-certified personal trainer. She specializes in whitewater paddle boarding. When she is not on the water, she is practicing circus arts; such as gymnastics and dance on horses (equestrian vaulting), or aerial arts. Check out her website, and follow her travels and adventures on social media —