(sorting through the rough order)

“Ticky-tacky” is a reference to the shoddy material used in the construction of these houses. (Here as symbols of thinking)

You arrived

with such flow-


were prepared

for show-


what you had learned

had gleaned

had purged

from the other side

to the knowing

that oneness

is the thing…

no tribes or rings


‘boxes of
ticky tacky
that all look
the same’…

there is no separation

one love

one world

one nation

and yet

everywhere you go

more compartments

of isolation

man-made islands of


as empirical yet over


over ruling


the point

is how to comport


as part of

the clutch-

within the clatter of clutter…

all the natural differences

without alienating,

enumerating or itemizing

the sum that is

the inventory

of the whole…

should we be separate,

sectioned off as exclusive

in labeled containers

divided and not equals-

under the same sky roof

where is that proof

that this is worth the pay

to play…