It’s Absurd How Much We Suck as a Nation
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Dear Children, all… (I include the inner child of all of us that presumably have reached the age of maturation…)

Please forgive us all, in all and any manner of dereliction of duty we have perpetrated upon all of you, and in truth to ourselves as well.

Please forgive our smallnesses that belie the roles of stature that some of us hold.

Please forgive our lack of compassion and empathy for the others we do not see as extensions of ourselves.

Please forgive our feelings of entitlement(s) while having robbed others of their inalienable rights.

Please forgive our despoiling of the earth.

Please forgive our enslaving of others.

Please forgive our unfulfilled promises deemed as the political processes.

Please forgive our speaking with forked tongues masking our true motives.

Please forgive our ineptness to protect you.

Please forgive our desires to profit off of other’s misery.

Please forgive our voraciously stealing the rights of others.

Please forgive our false equivalencies in every way we have asserted them.

Please forgive us all our misdeeds.

Please forgive us for not always correcting our flaws.

Please forgive that there is so much to forgive us for…

My request for your forgiveness is recognition that I am sorry for all the ill will we have done.

Dear Children, The state of Human Being-ness is not a monolith of purpose, reason, mission, or agenda and so Your forgiveness will be all the more powerful and energetic toward kinetically changing and redirecting where we all have transgressed what would be the path of higher good.

What is the ‘Higher Good’? The review of our errors point the ways. The clue of what is ‘Higher Good’ is that it’s not for a whom, but for an all

Dear Children, Please look around and see where improvement must be made… Know that your voice is of highest importance for the well-being of your/the future that we ‘elders of authority’ have made short shrift of… Your voice, the potential of the vibration of what you can speak will serve to shake out and shake down old outmoded ideas and poor practices from the foundations we erroneously and foolishly cultivated. Remember too, Dear Children, Please always keep your motives clean and sharp, sweet and soft… Be discerning, be imaginative, be inclusive, be expansive, be thoughtful and clear, be creative in your cures toward the designing of a better world.

Dear Children, You are the silver lining, in Helping us to redeem ourselves… Help us come into alignment with what is just and beneficial for all… From a spiritual state, we are a monolith of love… Beyond some’s current capability to fathom… This, unfortunately, many cannot see or understand because of their egotistical focus. They find (empty) value or (untenable) pleasure in their greed but are in a loop of repeat and to such a degree that they will fight to remain on their hamster wheel… This has occurred for the simple reason of misreading, misunderstanding, misapplying or ignoring the lessons that living on earth brings to bear. Dear Children, Our example(s) of hubris are many, Please learn this lesson well.

Dear Children, Once you have forgiven our trespasses, (for which I trust you can and will), Please move forward to the process of change and renewal… Spend no more time contemplating the negatives, tune your attention to what is wanted… direct your light and your imagination and your dreams and your first steps to what will be good. Find Joy in the ‘lightwork’ that is to be done… Look at this undertaking as if happening on the discovered remains of an unknown world, start as you would begin on a desert island, think about the community/world that you want to live in. Set the foundations of how it will prosper, how it will fortify all living within it… Cultivate all that would serve all without bias… Honor and value and hold dear the synergy that is required to keep all in high vibration. Find the Bliss in this activity.

Dear Children, You are the ones to usher in a potent potential, a revered epoch Globally, wherein you will be ambassadors all to the eventual reveal of other sentient worlds you will interact with someday. Even so, before that, you will be emissaries to one another. You will each know what it is meant “To meet the ‘God’ within each other”.

Dear Children, don’t despair, instead turn any of your despair into determination. Picture the world you want to live in, create it, then live it. Please forgive us, so that we who have failed you have the opportunity to change our hearts and join you in these most critical efforts. The window of opportunity has not yet closed. You are able to rise to the occasion. Your forgiveness is the catalyst. It will light the way…

Footnote to Holly Wood; I happened to be in Medium when your story popped up. I think I was the first to visibly react, by way of the line I highlighted… I was strongly affected by your writing prompt request but had to determine my best way of responding. I am not particularly political only to the degrees that one can be outraged by the overt outrageous. I never want to engage in focusing on negatives, unless there is a positive that I can highlight. I have studied and practiced and lived (I hope), spiritually imbued orientations… For the most part, it is like breathing or drinking water. I function from the heart mostly, especially when dealing with things of passion for me. Practical things I can do by route, auto-pilot as such… But politics is a strange arena, for me… How to represent passionate feelings with practicality. For me, I must take the time to think things through, and so the delay in my response. I’m no faker and wanted you to know… Happy Birthday to You… You are thoroughly admired and appreciated.*