Me too, my friend.
Sherry Caris

Hey, the thing is… each and every time neg-talk begins to impinge… arrest it’s development… tell it to stop! It will be stunned into silence… and in that space of silence, give it assurance that it has been heard, but it must make room for healing… self healing, self nurture, self love… tell it - you, your ego, and that inner younger are a team of one and each plays a valuable part in cultivating healthiness day by day. Healthiness is Happiness. Compare yourself to no one, follow your own instincts and intuitions and be kind to yourself first and foremost. You are important to you. Love each stage and phase you find yourself in. Give copious amounts of attention to you… you deserve it. You are lovable always in all ways.

Beyond that fact, support it by being your own point of attraction. Fuel it by doing the things that you are passionate about. Give yourself your permission and only yours. As you go along, your intuition will pick then choose each next step to take… listen to it, learn the sound of your intuition’s voice… it will not lead you astray.*

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