What’s Wrong With Medium?

I came here by way of wanting to revive my long held habit of journaling, prose and short story writing. This journaling since 6th grade, (a long while ago). Writing as an adjunct to all my other creative pursuits, is the quiet relief to the world of fashion design that I practice professionally. I am a visual person, as much as an auditory one; the sight and sound of what someone feels — expressed in their writing is inspiring on so many levels. I am a ‘go-with-the-flow’ type of person until some tantalizing some thing distracts me into a different direction. I like this aspect of exploration, ‘feeling’ out the world before determining a conclusion. The conclusion is not what a thing is, so much, but whether or not it floats for me.

So I can understand that perhaps you have come to a point of: there’s something more, or different, or better out there for you. Hey, you can always come back I’m sure, I guess, I’m hoping. No recriminations. Life is choice — for pity’s sake.

For me, I have had a creeping sensation, that Medium has gained weight and is more of a ‘Marge’ en route to Large… an awakening beast (not the malevolent kind) that rises, stands up to change to a more comfortable position while inadvertently knocking smaller beasts about with its tail.

My particular participation so far has been only in response and follows. Truth be told, ‘publishing’ my responses felt a bit awkward at first, because of the uncertainty to just leave with a brief ‘loved-your-work’, felt insufficient.

I wanted authors to know I had really read what they had written and that there was impact, and offer my reaction in more depth to what they had said. Perhaps some writers write for themselves — only — and would rather not engage with the (miss-received?) responses. I’ve grown more comfortable with the notion that not all things require back and forth.

Recently I had responded to a writer’s work, the subject about finding ones ‘tribe’, and I think now about whether or not Medium is a tribe, for which in one pass I’d say not, but on second glance Medium is more like a Venn diagram — but so many groups are. (There is no segregation of subject categories. that is to say; there are not separate channels for tech, fiction, autobio, haiku, etc. — Not that I’d want this, though.)

I don’t know what Medium’s short or long term goals are for its site and members… in a way, I don’t care. For now, it serves a narrow purpose; for me to garner strength and agility to set my thoughts to ‘paper’. I am not sure that I buy into it being a means to an end of — what becoming a best-selling writer cum famous author? So far, as I can tell and how I use it, it is just an outlet.

Last notes;

1st: the integrity of a writer’s work — is firstly the author’s own responsibility. Their karma, as it were. Someone will catch plagiarism or faked facts and blast.

2nd: For those seeking more visibility, perhaps follow to be seen. Or maybe re-post / re-publish, or maybe ask to be read and remarked(?). Openly. Communal-like.

Hope I am not off the mark here, if there is something I have gotten cock-eyed — please (anyone) let me know if you have the time.