The Magic of Uncertainty
James Altucher

I greet uncertainty, every day… mostly with a smile… sometimes with defiance as in; ‘fuck-it let’s do this’… then there are times when just stilling myself reveals a direction. Sometimes I just take myself out of my body, distracting my mind and relying on the senses that are suited for the task of removing discomfort. Listening to music, is one such remedy.

I used to have taped on a few walls this saying: “Feel the fear, but do it anyway”… By doing this, I found that there was nothing to fear, I mean - really nothing to fear - as whatever the consequences of ‘doing-it-anyway’ brings about, uncovers a most critical lesson that leads to a more self-actualized self.

In another way, it is like being a mime who touches an invisible wall but realizing that it is an illusion, walks harmlessly through and returns to the boundless ‘every where’.

You are not alone.

You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are LOved.