On “Virtuous Pedophiles”, Transparency, & Credibility

Justin Forest had just drawn the baseline for baseness. Twisting language to serve a narcissistic purpose: Virtuous… Virtuous Pedophile…? There is enough sadness in the world, especially now… how is any inhumane act, thought, deed ever Virtuous! Tower of babel before the fall… What rings of hell or middle earth does he reside? In Dante’s ‘nine’ and Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘forest — garden’ each dark (de-light) worlds, he wallows… But the community watch has seen him… ferreted him out… rid him like so much plague from lost in a dark wood…” and put him on blast”. He is synonymous with trolls, ‘hidden folk’ dweller in isolated rocks and caves and who are rarely helpful to humans…There is no magic with him. To disappear is to slither back into dank recesses on his troll belly… Poof! Really? has he rendered himself invisible… really? in this day, is that even possible? Poof? gone back into closets and under beds where all bogeymen hide.

Also known as Justin Get Help. Come clean. Reveal yourself to those who can help you, then stand by your recovery… Tell that story. Let that story heal others. Be a hero.

Thank Goodness for Tim, Alto, Heather and others of CG… who have called this charade out as strongly and prominently as they have to this point.

Something good has to / Must come out of this.s