Definitely very soon — tomorrow at moonrise :) lots done down to the wire.
Graham Anderson

Well, I’m not that keen on scrolling too long far down a page… ‘though this is not so strong a preference, however, if you are planning to divide this piece, then maybe breaks should be at the points where visual styles naturally transition, as long as it is not disruptive to the written contents’ arrangement.

I liked all the imagery and the little twitchy bits makes those elements have a magical dazzle feel. I like the comic-book old school / new school hybrid apearance.

I really was impressed with the variety of images. These meshed so well with the drop ins of Kylie’s image. She comes off very goth in this presentation. Never thought of her in this way before.

I happen to love Nosferatu; caught this 1922 version during a film festival at the International House in Philly in the 80's.

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