hmmm. should Kylie be inspired to say such things? I can probably convince her. If so, lmk.
Graham Anderson

Why not? Also, I was hearing Kylie speaking in an intonation much like Tyra in her opening of ANTM, where Tyra intones; ‘’(You) Wanna Be On Top’.

Just imagine; ‘Put… some lipstick onnnn’. Drawn out, a bit raspy, in the background of (I’ll name her fans Kylie Kids) who each in unison apply some lipstick kit in the range of Kylie Kolors…

Kylie Kids can’t wait for the next episode in Kylie’s interactive animated episodic product placed comic book-like series.

What you’ve done already is good parody fun… is it possible to over gild the lily? In this case, NO… 24K Kylie away it.

I’d like to think she would put her stamp of approval; ‘Kylie was here’ and a lip print in holographic style for a mark of official authenticity. Rooting for you. Rooting for Kylie’s happy love life too.*