Truth — I have great respect for Kardashian genius .
Graham Anderson

Yes, more accurately put; reality tv is not my thang, generally. I too do not have a tv. I do get to watch programs of particular interest to me via online streaming.

It is my pleasure to help, even if it makes me feel a bit self-conscious — because I’ve offered only my opinion on something I already feel is good.

I really do think the work is tantalizing for who would be her fanbase, but also for anyone who appreciates humor, technology-tinged creativity, and for the marketer, the prospects of producing branded product. But in this I would be selective; no make anything to sell, sell, sell. If serious, it may be well worth streaming some kuwtk to mine, although there is pretty much stuff out there in various social media outlets for inspiration.

KEEP KALM (and put some lipstick on) KYLIE IS HERE
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