It’s great to see Patreon move forward but I am a bit worried reading this article.
Chris Spiegl

Hi Chris — thanks for the note and for reaching out. Both Kit and Patreon care a lot about doing right by creators. Given there are creators like you making meaningful money on Kit today, we want to make sure to do a nice job transitioning you over to Patreon. We’re still figuring out the long term plan, but for now Kit will continue to operate until we’ve gotten as many of Kit’s creators transitioned over to Patreon as possible.

Over the coming months we’ll be working to integrate the best of Kit into Patreon. Kit will continue to be available for you to use while we transition over to the Patreon family, and we are committed to making sure all your content links and revenue will continue to work as they always have. I don’t have a precise answer for you yet on what will happen long term, but for now your kits are safe and sound.

You always have the option to export any kit using the many embed and share tools that are available on Kit. Just look for this button on the kit page:

I hope that helps! We will keep you posted as things develop, and will definitely reach out early and often as we make plans for our future together. Thanks so much.