Not just a feminist. A MIA-ist.

I read a tweet the other day, when #bbhmm came out: “I’m not a feminist. I’m a Rihanna-ist.” Fresh.

Then came M.I.A.’s new video on Apple Music: she is so dope.

(I can’t figure out how to embed Apple Music videos, so you’re going to have to launch iTunes to watch it).

Check out from around 5 minute mark. The dancer starts going HAM.

Watching this made me think how sometimes our work in tech to “make the world a better place” feels frivolous or like hubris mixed with hyperbole. Other days I read Zoe Kravitz talk about un-brainwashing herself from never considering herself black because she didn’t like Tyler Perry & hip-hop (and thought that’s all there was to it); and remember what a shit job mass media does at representing real, actual people. So much of what we see in the news, in magazines, on TV is legit harmful to our collective identities. And that is when I am so thankful for the Twitters and YouTubes of social media. How else would we see a South Asian daughter of a radical blend Black American Hip-Hop with Indian tradition, Hindu symbology, and Cote d’Ivoire spiritual dance? All while featuring women and girls just being real. Love love love. Good Rolling Stone article on the piece too; turns out MIA directed this whole project.

Anyway, just another in my string of favorites from MIA. Previous was Bad Girls:

Wilding out in the Middle East.

So sick.

And before even that, the classic Jimmy:

Channeling an Indian Goddess.

Amazing seeing how she’s evolved over the years. Enjoy.