Barebone Serverless Flask REST API on Zeit Now

Learn how to set up a barebone JSON REST API in Flask and deploy it to Zeit Now

In this post we’ll set up a Flask app serving as a starting point for building a REST API. If you know some Python, you will be able to go through the steps below to successfully set up the API on your own. Note: I’m using Python 3.6.3.

The full source code can be found on Github:

What we’ll use:

  • Python 3 and PyCharm as an IDE
  • Zeit Now, a serverless platform
  • Flask, a popular Python micro framework for the web
  • Flask-RESTPlus, a Flask extension for building REST APIs
  • PostgreSQL as a database (hosted remotely on AWS RDS)
  • Psycopg2, the most popular PostgreSQL adapter for Python

The end result is a fully working Flask-powered REST API serving as a starting point for your project (for example, a microservice). As it is hosted on Zeit Now, you’ll be able to deploy it without having to provision any servers.

Updated full version of this article:

Please view the updated version of this article (including full source code + syntax highlighting of all code snippets) on my website:

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