Theresa May is Wrong About Encryption

“Today, Apple and Google with their iOS and Android operating systems have rolled out full device encryption so that no one can read the contents of a user’s phone. This was done in direct response to the NSA’s mass intrusion into the communications and devices of millions of innocent people.”

As much as I can understand the predicament of the tech giants and the industry, I would not be considering them an ally any time soon.

All the tech giants live from selling our personal data profiles and invading our privacy, be it through proprietary hardware and software, or social media and internet platforms. They definitely don’t have the moral high ground here, nor can they simply side with us as if being in the same boat.

For them, resisting back doors and the weakening of encryption is just basically covering their asses, trying to hold on to the violation of our privacy and the business model they created - and which the NSA is piggybacking - and keep us as customers.

There’s no moral or political defense here, it’s just protecting economic interests and the internet model that has come to harm us all. The spy-model of intelligence agencies like the NSA would not exist without the business model of tech companies.

We need to support our own interests in this, and we need to get rid of abusive companies and the current business model they have de facto put in place. We need free software and free hardware, and we need to start using strong end-to-end encryption en masse.

We need to support companies that offer products that don’t violate our privacy and freedom to use hardware and computers according to our needs and will, and that make devices with built-in anonymity, privacy and end-to-end encryption. Tech that can’t be turned into 24/7 surveillance devices or that do things without our knowledge and consent. We also need companies that offer privacy, anonymity and end-to-end encrypted social media platforms and applications, and that we can pay for with money, and not with our personal data and privacy.

Both companies and business models need to change their criminal practices, only then will we be able to trust them as political allies, and only then will they really be protecting privacy, free speech, democracy and an open and sound internet. Companies have overstepped just as much as intelligence agencies, and they both belong to the same problem.

No companies or corporations speak for me or my rights, unless they are my lawyers.

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