Hiperbitcoinización y Derecho

Maneras en que Bitcoin trasciende las instituciones jurídicas de la era industrial.

Listado del material de lectura recomendada y utilizado para la exposición.

https://youtu.be/gTtbkguROdk CryptoAnarchy talk by @TheRealSmuggler

https://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html by Eric Hughes

http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Academic/contracts_in_%20cyberspace/contracts_in_cyberspace.htm by David Friedman

https://nakamotoinstitute.org/mempool/hyperbitcoinization/ by Daniel Krawisz

https://www.amazon.com/Sovereign-Individual-Mastering-Transition-Information/dp/0684832720 by Davidson & Rees-Mog.

https://mises.org/library/free-private-cities-making-governments-compete-you by Titus Gebel

http://bit.ly/32lYnBE “El Patrón Bitcoin” (libro completo en español) by Saifedean Ammous

https://medium.com/@realgonguer/desempacando-el-contrato-social-de-bitcoin-e8d73ffa1498 by @Hasufl

https://medium.com/@dergigi/la-gravedad-de-bitcoin-33d351b213ce by @DerGigi

https://medium.com/@vijayboyapati/la-tesis-alcista-de-bitcoin-parte-1-de-4-7b2e7ac5f07 by Vijay Boyapati

https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD/modeling-bitcoins-value-with-scarcity-91fa0fc03e25 by @100trillionUSD

https://nakamotoinstitute.org/static/docs/cyphernomicon.txt by Timothy May

https://nakamotoinstitute.org/the-idea-of-smart-contracts/ by Nick Szabo

https://mises.org/library/origins-money-0 On the Origins of Money by Carl Menger.

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Camilo Jorajuría de León

Written by

Bitcoin student, deep down the rabbit hole. Legal consulting for Bitcoin & open Blockchain // https://camilojdl.com

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