The globalists had won

In a very interesting conversation in radio, Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader were discussing on Donald Trump. While Pat was generally sounding in favor of Trump he also made distinctions between him and Trump. He was concerned over so many people coming from Wall Street to the administration. Ralph Nader pointed out that Buchanan has been an enemy of commercialism because it’s an opposite to conservative values and to that point both agree that Trump wasn’t doing much about it.

With Tillerson and Mnuchin in the cabinet the promise of America First policies seems like a deception. But on the other hand, what could we have to expect from a party with a crony capitalist like Paul Ryan as speaker of the house. Yes, Trump rhetoric would be more nationalist than let’s say Jeb Bush however he would never be Buchanan. Even if he implements some protectionist policies they would favor heavily CEOs rather than workers especially with automation of factories. I don’t think Middle America cares much about Wall Street deregulation and the repeal of environmental restrictions against pollution so why do it, the answer follow the donor class of the GOP. Trumpism is not only about Trump is about the symbiosis between him and the Republican Party. Trump is not an idiot he knows how to pick his fights, he withdraws his early positions about Single Payer healthcare or the legalization of drugs because he knew that there were not popular with the grassroots base. Even in his criticism of neocons he was opportunistic, they didn’t have support outside of DC so he loses nothing by attacking them however while he repeats the average hawkish talking points in respect to Iran and I fear he could lead America to a new war in the Middle East.

His policies over Israel are ridiculous, he’s putting Israeli interests over American concerns. Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem would anger the Muslim world and endanger America and American citizens abroad. On Saudi Arabia, Trump is not much different than Hillary Clinton. Why continuing a relationship with main financier and propagator of Islamic extremism around the world? The answer is the globalists had won, it would been bizarre is oli executive like Tillerson would had attack the Saudis while most of the Silicon Valley is sad for the Muslim ban, corporate capitalism would not be challenge. A challenge from the right would had been interesting, in fact most of corporate capitalism is crony capitalism that means corporations had been profiting of the state via the influence buy by lobbyists. Nothing seems to change under Trump.

I think anyone really interested in the principles of liberty should question not only nationalism but globalism. Globalization has good and bad things. Is healthy that the people from entire world can interact via social media. But I doubt that many consider positive that global corporations had the power to change the regular lives of citizens. The answer to both nationalism and globalism is localism and decentralism. The power of communities to solve their own problems had to do with the scale of their challenges and ability to cooperate with other communities in their own country. Trump seems to like to concentrate power in Washington, that’s why I think the reaction across the ideological spectrum should be stop thinking in a partisan way, been ideological consistent could mean for a conservative embracing the Benedict Option or for a progressive adapting the New Left principles of Neighborhood Power.