Bernie Sanders Must Concede in June

Bernie Sanders is like the Democratic equivalent of Donald Trump — except he did not win

by Camilo Arenivar

This was a contest that should have been over for all intents and purposes after Hillary Clinton handily beat Bernie Sanders in 5 out of 6 crucial contests in the last 2 weeks of April. Even Sanders seemed conciliatory in his April 26th statement after he lost 4 out of 5 Primaries. 
 Yet just like one of those classic horror movies (think Michael Meyers in Halloween), just when you think the monster is dead, he gets back up again and starts to lunge at you. No, the Bernie Sanders campaign and it’s rabid followers will not go silently into the night. And things have gone from bad to worse. They are more like one of those zombies that fail to realize they are already dead.
 Saturday May 14th in Nevada will be remembered as the pivotal turning point in this campaign — when Sanders supporters went ballistic that the rules of the party allocated more votes to Clinton than Sanders. No rules were changed, no one cheated, the rules were merely followed. And the problem with revolutionaries is that they don’t like rules. They don’t want to follow the process. They want to circumvent it. Furthermore, revolutionaries don’t care about elections, they don’t care about popular vote. They want their agenda and their leader to win at any cost. This is exactly what we are seeing with the Bernie Sanders revolution. And Sanders, unlike any Democratic Presidential nominee in recent history is vowing to keep the race going to the convention in Philadelphia at the end of July. He will have lost the election in number of votes (he is trailing Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes) 42.7 to 55.5% as of today’s date. Hillary Clinton is less than 100 delegates from securing the nomination and guess what — Super-delegates do count. Why else is Bernie Sanders trying to go after them to make up for his nearly 300 pledged delegate deficit. Who is being the cheater here???
 Bernie Sanders is like the Democratic equivalent of Donald Trump with one glaring exception. Donald Trump will win his Party’s nomination according to their rules. Bernie Sanders loses. He has lost. There is no math that gives Bernie Sanders the nomination. To the horror of all his supporters who clearly cannot conceive of what it is to lose. Lose means the other person has more votes (and delegates) than you. It is not a conspiracy of “the establishment”. More people voted for the other candidate - Hillary Clinton wins. It really is that simple. You cannot try to overthrow our Party because of the passion of your beliefs.
 Bernie Sanders MUST concede the election the day after the last Primary, on June 15th if he still trails Hillary Clinton and she has secured the nomination. He MUST reconcile his followers to the fact that failing to support the winner of the Democratic nomination will only secure a Donald Trump Presidency. And he needs to get them to understand there is only one thing worse than a Hillary Clinton Presidency, and that is a Donald Trump Presidency.