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I think it’s funny that you are basing that on Polls. Which polls would that be, the ones that showed Hillary Clinton beating Sanders in Michigan by more than 20%? The ones that showed Bernie winning in either Illinois or Missouri (yes, there were some). Let me tell you about Polls. You can NOT trust them.

My thoughts on his viability are not a “hunch”, it’s having followed Presidential elections diligently since I was in High School staring with the 80s. One thing to note is that as far late as July 1988, “polls” showed Democrat Michael Dukakis beating George H.W. Bush by 55 to 38%. We all know who won. And a big part of that was due to Republican dirty tricks…they found something in Dukakis’ political past (a con on a work furlough program he supported raped someone), and the GOP ran media ads over and over saying he was weak on crime etc. etc.

Here is why Hillary Clinton is more viable - she has been 100% vetted and thrown under the bus by the media and Republican establishment. All that is there about her is already out there.

Here is what makes Sanders weak in the General Election:

# 1: His Socialist Past Will be Negatively Exploited

A Gallup poll as recently as June 2015 found that only 47 percent of Americans would vote for a socialist if their party nominated one, while 50 percent said they would not. The GOP does not take him as a serious threat — yet. Once they do, Bernie has a ton of fodder for sinister TV ads (Willie Horton all over again). In the 1970s and 1980s, he used to advocate for the overthrowing of companies by the Government. One such industry was the television industry. He urged for people to “address the control of television as a political issue, and organize to win.”

But that is mellow compared to 1985’s Bernie Sanders. He’s on video making favorable statements regarding Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during an interview on CCTV Center for Media & Democracy’s Channel 17/ Town Meeting Television, Chittenden County’s local government access station.

Also in 1985, he traveled to Nicaragua, where he attended an event that one wire report dubbed an “anti-U.S. rally.”

These are things that most Americans have not heard about, and that’s because Democrats are not going to bring them up. But you can BET the GOP will air commercial after commercial portraying him as a weak pro-Communist anti-American candidate for President. You will have the candidate who wants to “make America great again” pitted against the anti-American candidate who wants to “make America Denmark.”

#2: He PROUDLY wants to raise taxes

I am not too concerned about rising taxes, but I kind of think a good deal of the electorate that are not progressive Liberals are not too thrilled about. Joe Working Class feels he pays enough taxes already. Sanders proposes the following: a 6.2 percent increase in payroll taxes; a 2.2 percent increase in income taxes on everyone; higher estate taxes; taxing capital gains and interest as ordinary income; limiting tax deductions for the rich; and higher income-tax rates on the upper brackets.

This is not how you win a General Election! You do not run on Raising Taxes!!! That’s how you LOSE a General Election.

#3: ZERO Foreign Policy Experience

This is not as important to me as it is to a nation that saw the Paris attacks in November 2015 and the homegrown terrorism in California in December. Those looking for someone who has some kind of experience with foreign policy and dealing with terrorism are going to run from this guy. He does not convey the image of a strong leader. In a General Election, people will not trust him to handle international affairs.

There is much more to a candidate’s viability than Polls 5–6 months before a General Election.

And it is my experience in following politics, not a hunch that shows me this. It’s not a hunch. I know the way this plays out, I’ve seen it before.