Movie Review: Crimson Peak

by Camilo Arenivar
While Crimson Peak opens with a ghost, and ghosts make several appearances throughout the movie, this film does not strike me as your typical horror movie. Well, it is Guillermo del Toro and nothing is very typical about a movie he makes.

Taking place in the early 1900s, this movie takes us on the journey of a young writer who falls for a British heir. Eventually it becomes apparent that something diabolical is going on. It culminates in what feels like something we have seen before.

Despite the unoriginality of some premises of the story, it is very well done. The movie drags a little and probably should have been 15 minutes shorter than the two hours it is. It is creepy. Not a scary movie at all, it reminds me more of a slow paced suspense movie with some haunting elements involved.

Crimson Peak is getting in the mid 60% ratings from critics and audiences and that is about accurate. A well done movie that is entertaining, but average. I’d say save it for DVD.