Why wait until June?
Tom Christy

Tom Christy basically in the spirit of compromise. There is time to heal from June 15th to the convention at the end of July. in 2008, Hillary stayed in until the very end and then did the right thing for the Party and steered her supporters toward Obama. It’s clear Sanders won’t bow out before that and to do so could further infuriate his hostile followers. If he loses, plainly and simply, he can convince them that they fought the good fight and now it is on to the next one, defeating Donald Trump in November. He will fight hard for them and their cause in the Senate, and he will work with the Party to integrate the issues of most importance to them.

Unfortunately, this is NOT what we are hearing out of the Sanders Camp. They are threatening to disrupt the Convention. Sanders himself is saying he will stay in until the Convention. That is bad for the Party and bad for everyone against a Donald Trump Presidency.