Can we Shrink our Minds?

Yes. But that mean we can also expand it.

Make the best of whats you have! Image: not Garance this time. It's from OntheLow.

It all started with this Harvard Business Review article that my very smart friend sent me: 3 Ways to Better Understand Your Emotions.

Susan David, the author of the book “Emotional Agility” and also the writer of the article, suggested a quiz to better understand where are my bottlenecks and where are my strengths. Interested? You can also make the test here.

Reading my personal “Emotional Agility Insights Report” from Susan David, I noticed I should write down a list with my shrinking and also my expanding behaviors.

After you read the article, you’ll understand it better, but anyway, here is my list:

Step 1 — Showing Up — Could be better.
 I have fairly low levels of self-compassion.

Step 2 — Stepping Out — Good. 
I can improve myself to let the person, rather than my emotions to be in charge of any situation.

When you step out, you create the space between the situation and your reaction. So instead of reacting automatically or in ways triggered by your stories, self-doubts and past experiences, you can respond in a more deliberate manner.

Step 3 — Walking Your Why — Very Good.
Simply noticing the gaps between your values and your behaviors in particular domains (at work, home, in your relationships, or as they relate to your health and wellbeing) can help you to close them.

Remember that values are not abstract and intangible ideas. Rather they are qualities of action that you can bring to everyday choices.

Mines are Relationships, Confidence and Flexibility.

Step 4- Moving On — Excellent.
This is the belief that positive change is actually possible. Making the choice to push yourself towards the edge of your comfort zone as you try to develop skills and cultivate relationships.

Reading and writing about it helps me to organize and, of course, articulate my thinking. Perfect to be calmer, have a better day, promote good things to people around me, and expand my life! Cool, hun?