Dealing with objections

If you care and have the imagination, creativity and soul to propose changes and deeper discussions in your workspace, sometimes, all you hear is objections.

You believe ideas are worth spreading, you can bring value to the table, but still, all you're hearing are objections.

After the third objection, you have to ask the obligating question:

"If we can fix any objection you're making, are we still able to move on with this project? Will my suggestions be considered?"

And then if the answer is still “no”, and if people are hesitating, or complaining, or criticizing, what they are really saying is:

“There aren’t enough benefits on offer to match the risk I would feel to making this change happened.'’

And the answer to that are two:

  1. Bring way more benefits to the table, way more urgency, way more tension.
  2. Find somebody else that wants more change than this person does.

It's not about data or priorities. It’s about believe; it’s about risk, it’s about being human.

*This article is an extraction from a conversation between Seth Godin and Debbie Millman in her podcast "Design Matters". Go there for more.