I don't like to go slow. But I had to learn to.

Hello, Garance Doré.

I’m not a big fan of going slow. I tend to think it’s boring and that it underestimate a person’s mind. I like a little bit of chaos. But only that type of chaos where you can provide creative solutions, which is still healthy.

I swear there are environments like that, or if not, that you can craft one with your team. That's why I love to work in start ups. But that’s a subject for another time.

At a recent interview of Melinda Gates — where Sheryl Sandberg was the interviewer — she said she just learned how to go slow, in order to go fast.

What did she mean? Imagine you're arriving in a new job. Before doing anything, be sure to collect information. Talk to people. Understand why something was not done yet, and why do they think something is difficult.

After gathering this learnings, Melinda says you can act fast.

It's easier to to think everything is too slow, that people don’t move fast, and that this and that is still not done. But again, before criticizing or being wrongly proactive — believe me, I’ve been there– ask questions. Ask people. Be humble.

Maybe something was not done because they had any money before. Maybe because the founders are a bit too snob or always in a rush, so nobody has the courage to talk to them transparently.

And then, after gathering the info, decide if you like what you’ve seen. Wanna help them be even better on it? Can you? Then path your way to move fast.