15 Tips to Rio de Janeiro

I have so many good memories about this beautiful city that I decided to post it here. Hope you enjoy it ❤


Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer — Maybe tickets will be already available at GetYourGuide, but if not, buy them here: Paineiras Corcovado. I believe it is nice to have lunch there, see the new store (it has a modern selection of souvenirs) and enjoy the new museum they built as well. With this online ticket, you can skip the biggest part of the line.

Museum of Tomorrow

Museum of Tomorrow — Again, maybe tickets will be already available at GetYourGuide, but if not, buy them here: Museu do Amanhã. It’s closed on Monday and it’s free on Tuesdays. With this online ticket, you can skip the biggest part of the line. I started the visit watching the 8 minutes video inside some sort of capsule and it was mind blowing. The video set my mind for what was yet to come.

MAR — Museu de Arte do Rio

M.A.R.: Museu de Arte do Rio — You can buy tickets for this museum together with the Museum of Tomorrow tickets (same website). They sell this combo. This museum is also located at the "Cidade Olímpica", and it's very close to the Museum of Tomorrow.

Casa das Canoas - Oscar Niemeyer's private home

Casa das Canoas — Oscar Niemeyer’s private home was just now opened to the public. It’s a real gem of Brazilian modernist architecture. If you want to know more about Brazil's most prestigious architect, you can check this here: Oscar Niemeyer Bio.

Louis-Vuitton show at Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum — I can’t help to think about a beautiful spaceship. So did Nicolas Ghesquière when he presented his Louis Vuitton fashion show here. The building was designed by Oscar Niemeyer as well.

Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro

Botanical Garden — Beautifully planned by the famous Brazilian landscaper, Burle Marx. You won’t regret to spend minimum one hour here!


Zazá Bistrô

Zazá Bistro — I love this place. It's very charming and romantic. I go there especially because of their fresh and creative drinks, which always have Brazilian ingredients on them. Maybe you should make a reservation before going.

Esquina 111

Esquina 111 — Casual and delicious. You can just spontaneously drop by.

CT Boucherie

CT Boucherie — I love this place! You order a meat type and then enjoy all their delicious side dishes, that surprise me every time. It’s very crowded, so make a previous reservation if possible.

Braseiro da Gávea

Braseiro da Gávea — This one is typical. Good meat in a relaxed place, with caipirinhas and an animated crowd. Try the "Farofa com Banana", a delicious Brazilian side dish.

Aprazível Restaurant in Santa Teresa

Aprazível — Go during the day or sunset. The restaurant has a beautiful view and an excellent Moqueca, which is a traditional dish from Bahia.

Bar do Mineiro

Bar do Mineiro — Typical Brazilian joint! Cold beer and fun people smoking and chating in the streets.


Salinas — Cool and sexy bikinis, dresses and accessories. It's one of my favorite brands.

Vix Swimwear

Vix — I believe VIX would be my favorite beachwear brand. They also have accessories and clothes that have a bohemian-chic vibe ❤

Tucum Store

Tucum — this store is in Santa Teresa. It sells pieces made by indigenous tribes. The profits are shared with the tribes, and there’s always something nice to bring back home.


  • Alway take an Uber, it’s way cleaner, safer and stress-free.
  • You will not find Uber at Galeão Airport (the international one), but you will find it at Santos Dumont Airport (domestic flights). At SDU Airport, Uber has an individual waiting station where your driver will pick you up.
  • Do try to arrive at Santos Dumont Airport — the view from the aeroplane when you’re landing is unique.
  • Unfortunately, some taxi drivers are quite dishonest in Rio. If you absolutely need to get into a cab, make sure to download your path at Google maps before and keep your eye on the screen to make sure he’s not just driving in circles with you.
  • Rio, in general, is not dangerous if you are not showing-off. Try not to wear anything that looks too fancy, avoid suspicious areas at night and I think you will be pretty safe.

Enjoy Rio! :)