Women in Creative — What’s with the moon, creativity, and our periods?

Camila Weirich
Mar 14, 2019 · 3 min read

A person who I respect a lot recommended me the best selling book from Christiane Northrup, “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”. I loved it from the first page.

Illustration — Garance Doré

In the book, among many exciting and new things — at least for me — she starts talking about women cyclical nature and its connection to the moon.

Think about it. The macrocosmic cycles of nature — the flow of the tides, the changes of the seasons — are reflected on a smaller scale in the menstrual cycle of the individual female body.

Studies have shown that peak rates of conception and probably ovulation appear to occur at the full moon or the day before. And the opposite happens during the new moon.

The moon rules the flow of fluids. Environmental cues such as light, the moon, and the tides play a documented role in regulating women’s menstrual cycle and fertility. And the menstrual cycle governs the flow not only of fluids but of information and creativity in our body.

Information is power, so I believe it is crucial to understand what is going on with our bodies, so we are more empowered to listen and react to it.

WEEK 01 — Menstrual Phase — New Moon

Demetra George writes that it is here, at the dark side of the moon, that “life cleanses, revitalises, and transform itself in its evolutionary development.”

I had no idea, but studies show that most women start their period during the new moon. You may feel that on the first day or two of your period you have the urge to organise your closet, your workspace, your life.

Why not plan your working days accordingly to that?

WEEK 02 — Follicular Phase — Crescent Moon

With all the expanded level of ideas and creativity caused by your hormones, this is the moment to initiate new projects and exciting, challenging things.

You might feel the most energised to act on it during this phase. You feel outgoing, upbeat and revitalised. I would also use this time to have that coffee with people I would like to know better, get a closer relationship at work, develop trust with other teams.

WEEK 03 — Ovulatory Phase — duration 3 to 4 days — Full moon

Now get that: this rise in estrogen is associated with an increase in left-hemisphere activities in the brain (hello, verbal fluency).

This is also the right moment to ask for a raise or pitch a creative project since this is the phase where you will be the most articulate. Words come out of your mouth easily. Ovulation represents mental and emotional creativity at its peak — enjoy!

WEEK 04 — Luteal Phase — duration 10 to 14 days — Waning moon

Premenstrually, we are quite naturally more in tune with what is most meaningful in our lives. Be active to listen to your intuition, since the most significant insights about yourself, your life and your career come one day or two before your period. Use this.

Are you satisfied with your working situation? What do you feel could be done better? What is triggering you to cry or to be angry about?

Society is not really prepared for what we can experience during this phase. We judge our premenstrual energy, emotions, and inward mood as “bad” or “unproductive”.

But this is a very important phase, that if embraced, will lead us to listen to what is important to us — and therefore, to evolution.

Lunar information is reflective and intuitive. It comes to us in our dreams, emotions, and our hunger. When you try to cover this important emotions and signals, your body has no choice, but to come back with PMS madness, just like our other feelings and bodily symptoms, if ignored, often result in illness.

Premenstrually, our veil between the seen and unseen is much thinner. Issues that arise at this time should be treated seriously.

The Luteal phase is, therefore, the time of our cyclical nature that we have access to parts of our often unconscious selves that are less available to us other times.

Let’s use this greater access to our magic!

Camila Weirich

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I am a Creative Director & Strategist. Here I share what caught my attention these days.

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